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Meltdown and Spectre

Microsoft Admitted Meltdown/Spectre Patches Cause Negative Impacts on Windows Server

AdminJan 11,201822

As the negative impact of Meltdown and Spectre has been lasted for several days, the specific patches and fixes designed by Microsoft to fix the flaw get an adverse effect, and Microsoft finally acknowledged Tuesday that thanks to the patches, Windows Server become slower than before. To fix the decrease in system performance caused by […]


Google Home Max is Available for $399

GaryDec 13,201738

Google’s new and powerful product – The Google Home Max finally was rolled out at Google’s October 4th hardware even, along with the Google Home Mini, Pixel 2, and other hardware, and it is sale for $399. This new Google Home Max product gets dual 4.5-inch high-excursion woofers and custom 0.7-inch tweeters, and Google claims […]


Google Increase to Over 10,000 Staff to Tackle Extremist Content on YouTube

AdminDec 06,201785

Google is always taking steps to counter extremism this year, and now it continues to claim that it will increase to over 10,000 staff in 2018 to root out extremist content on YouTube. In a recently report to Britain’s Daily Telegraph, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said “We will continue the growth of our teams, with […]

Game Gifting On Xbox One

Microsoft Rolls Out Game Gifting On Xbox One To Everyone

AdminNov 15,201767

Microsoft now supports Xbox One to purchase a game gifting for their friends, one can order a digital game from the the Microsoft Store.

280 Characters In Tweets

Twitter Users Now Can All Use 280 Characters In Tweets

AdminNov 09,201769

Twitter start to allow people get a limited 280 characters on tweets, when the user just get 140 characters in the past. People can update the app on device to get this new change.

SeatGeek and Facebook

People Can Now Buy Event Tckets Through Facebook with SeatGeek

AdminOct 27,201796

Ticketing platform SeatGeek signed up Facebook as primary ticketing distributor, and allow Facebook users to buy event tickets directly via the app. As a an aggregator and secondary ticketing marketplace for resellers, SeatGeek signed an agreement with Facebook, adding a direct ticket purchase service on the popular social network. And soccer team Sporting Kansas City […]

Google Reportedly Serves Fake News Ads

Google Reportedly Serves Fake News Ads On Fact-Checking Sites

GaryOct 19,201767

Have you ever experienced a fake news or ads on a website, even if it is a famous and reputable website? After the Facebook being involved in a fake news advertising problem, Google now is reportedly put fake news on reputable fact-checking websites. According to the report from The New York Times, prominent news and […]


New BlackBerry Motion Gets All-touchscreen, No Keyboard

GaryOct 09,201768

New smartphone BlackBerry Motion by the TCL was unveiled today, it gets an all-touchscreen design and will be firstly sold in Middle East. Unlike the previous BlackBerry smartphone, it is released by the TCL and has many differences with the previous BlackBerry KeyOne. With the code name Krypton, this new version of smartphone was firstly […]


Twitter Doubled Its Character Limit To 280 In Tweets

AdminSep 27,201790

Today, Twitter’s official account tweeted that it will take a group of users to test experiment with increasing the character limit to 280 characters, which is a double of for the precious 140 characters. Aliza Rosen and Ikuhiro Ihara, Twitter product managers, said on the official blog that “when people don’t have to cram their […]

US Government Agencies Bans Kaspersky

US Government Agencies Bans Kaspersky Software For The Concerns Of Russian Espionage

GarySep 14,201777

After Kaspersky Lab being removed from the list of approved federal vendors by the General Services Administration in three months ago, Trump Administration now just announced to remove Kaspersky products from the government computer. Considering the Moscow-based cybersecurity software company might be vulnerable to Russian government influence, US Government on Wednesday just made this decision, […]