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App Overview: What’s GoToMyPC And How It Works

Admin2018.06.28 3:03178

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Do you get GoToMyPC installed on your PC but not clear about how to use it? It may be difficult for some general users to understand what it is and how it works for them, so now it’s time to figure out this problem for the users.

What’s GoToMyPC?

GoToMyPC is remote desktop control software developed by ExpertCity (acquired by Citrix Systems in 2004), and allow people to access and operate their computers remotely via using the web browser over the Internet. It is especially useful for the people who often need to control other PCs in different places.

How to use GoToMyPC on PC

GoToMyPC can be downloaded and installed for free from its official websites or other reputable download resources. Before using this software, you should create a personal account in the GoToMyPC website and log it, and then you will be able to access to the panel and start to use it.

  • To access other computer remotely, you should firstly add the PC to the list, and click on Connect button
  • Following the instructions to finish the necessary steps of connecting the device, which may be conclude download GoToMyPC and enter the computer’s access code
  • And then you will see the screen of your host computer desktop, and can start to access every document and place in this machine.

If you don’t want GoToMyPC on your PC, you can choose to uninstall it with this specific removing post.

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