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Apple CarPlay Supports Google Play Music in iPhone

Admin2017.07.24 9:09186


Do you have a vehicle equipped with CarPlay and also using the Google Play Music subscription service in the daily life, it must be a good news for you that you can now access the music through the CarPlay interface via connecting your iPhone to the car.

As a popular Google’s music subscription service, many iPhone users are using the Google Play Music for enjoying the music they like. According to 9to5mac, people will get four main functions in the Google Play Music for CarPlay, there are: Home for viewing recommendations, Recents for viewing last played content, Music Library for browsing through your saved catalog, and Stations for finding genres and activity-based collections.

How to use Google Play Music for CarPlay

To use the Google Play Music and connect to the CarPlay? Firstly, you need to install the latest version of Google Play Music on the iPhone, and you will find CarPlay support is enabled and can be connected to the compatible systems, so you can connect the service to CarPlay now. Next, you can choose to move the Google Play Music to the first Home screen with the instructions below:

Head to Settings > General > CarPlay > My Car, and move Google Play Music to the first Home screen


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