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Windows 10 Full Screen Start Menu

How to Use the Windows 10 Full Screen Start Menu

GaryAug 11,20161451

Till now, Windows 10 has been released for a certain time, and many people have found that there is one noticeable change in this new version of Windows operating system: Start menu comes back, and it integrates the best of the classic Start Menu and Windows 8’s Live Tiles, which bring a much better using […]

Fix No Sound in Windows 10

How to Fix No Sound Problem in Windows 10

GaryJul 01,2016417

With the coming of Windows 10 operating system, many people have been upgrade their operating system to the newest version. At the same time, the inherent bugs of this version of system also appear on the computer, and today, we will discuss one of the most annoying issue: no sound problem in Windows 10. According […]

Boost a Wi-Fi Signal

How to Boost a Wi-Fi Signal

GaryMay 19,2016371

With the frequent use of Internet in our daily left, the Wi-Fi signal has been a very important issue that closely related to the quality of surfing online. A weak Wi-Fi signal usually make people crazing because they can do nothing effectively with the device. If you also have such a problem, you should take […]


Which version of Windows 10 should you install?

AdminMay 13,2016413

Windows 10 is the newest Windows operating system that provides a more professional and comprehensive system environment and computer performance, it provides a series of options and available for the user to choose the version they want: Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise, Windows 10 […]