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Instagram mute

Instagram Enable to Mute Account Without Unfollowing It

GaryMay 30,2018181

Do you want to mute someone’s posts without unfollowing a friend to make him upset? Finally, Instagram will be rolling out a Mute feature in the coming weeks. This coming new feature of Instagram will bring a Mute button on the app, through which people can choose to mute someones’ posts or stories, or both, […]

Microsof Surface tablet

Microsoft Reportedly Planing Low-cost Surface Tablets to Compete with iPad

AdminMay 17,2018333

Want a cheaper Surface tablet? Microsoft is reportedly working on a lower-cost Surface tablets, which is to complete with Apple’s iPad. This news is firstly reported by Bloomberg, according to its report, Microsoft would release this new tablet as soon as the second half of 2018, which is exposed by the people who familiar with […]


Spotify Releases Financial Reports of the first Quarter 2018

GaryMay 03,2018306

Early today, Spotify Technology S.A. (NYSE:SPOT) announced its financial results for the first quarter of 2018, which including many detailed information and data which many people care about. In this report, Spotify concluded that they finished the quarter with 170 million Monthly Active Users, which is up 30%, and the paid Subscribers achieve 75 million, […]

Twitter Banned Kaspersky Ads

Twitter Banned Kaspersky Ads For Security Concerns

GaryApr 23,2018288

Twitter announced to ban Kaspersky news on Friday, and said it is for a security concern. The ads ban was beginning from Friday, and Twitter said the business model of this Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab has been conflicted with advertising rules. This ban actually follows the charges by Washington, which judged the Kaspersky closely related to […]


Google Will Start To Redesign Gmail Web Soon

AdminApr 12,20185723

Google’s Gmail web has been kept for a long time, and now it plans to get a complete overhaul for the web design, and G Suite customers are the first hearing about this news. “In the coming weeks, we’ll be announcing an Early Adopter Program (EAP) for a new expreience in Gmail… ” Google sent […]

uninstall Steam

What’s The Proper Way To Uninstall Steam On Windows

GaryApr 02,2018263

Are you confused about removing Steam on your PC? So which way you think is the best to get rid of this program smoothly on the computer? If you also have questions to uninstall Steam, it will be necessary for you to get the following instructions. What’s the way you tried to uninstall Steam Since […]


Netflix Banned from the Competition of Cannes Film Festival

GaryMar 26,2018399

Netflix entered the Cannes Film Festival competition for the first time last year, and now, it is officially out of the competition lineup this year. Palme d’Or (Golden Palm), the highest prize of film festival at Cannes, is always a famous and reputable event all around the world, and being able to walk through the […]


Spotify Files for Listing Shares in New York

AdminMar 12,2018379

Swedish music streaming service Spotify has registered for a direct listing of its shares in New York, when many people thought that it will take an unconventional route to go public rather than file for direct listing. Spotify’s plan of listing shares starts from the week of April 2, and the “direct listing” means that […]


All Ads Removed from Alex Jones’ YouTube Channel

AdminMar 05,2018349

Improper content that violates the YouTube’s use terms are always firmly rejected by YouTube, and it confirms that advertisers had asked to be removed their ads from Alex Jones’ YouTube channels, but has no plans to delete the channel, Alex Jones, the far-right commentator and best known for hosting the video show InfoWars, tweeted on […]

Facebook downvote button

Facebook Is Testing a ‘Downvote’ Button On Comments

AdminFeb 09,2018287

Wanna get a “dislike” button while the Facebook released the “like” button since February 2009? Facebook now is testing a feature that lets people to share a negative reaction on comments. Yesterday, some Facebook users posted on Twitter that they found a “downvote” button appearing in the common sections of public posts on Facebook pages, […]