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uninstall GoToMyPC

App Overview: What’s GoToMyPC And How It Works

AdminJun 28,2018206

Do you get GoToMyPC installed on your PC but not clear about how to use it? It may be difficult for some general users to understand what it is and how it works for them, so now it’s time to figure out this problem for the users. What’s GoToMyPC? GoToMyPC is remote desktop control software […]

PC IP Address

How To Know Your Computer’s IP Address

AdminApr 16,2018287

Do you know what’s your computer’s private IP and the public IP address on the Internet? Sometimes you might need the IP for configure your computer network or the games. To get the IP Address either on your PC or the network, you can check the following guides. How to check private IP address of […]

Skype Interviews feature

Skype Gets New ‘Interviews’ Feature With Code Editor Embedded

GaryAug 30,2017400

Generally, popular Skype app is the first choice and very common way for people to communicate with their families and friends, in addition, it is also a widely-used tool in the enterprises. And now, the company introduces a new feature to facilitate the technical interviews online, and enable the interviewee to edit code directly in […]


Know More About Megabackup And The Right Way To Remove It

AdminJul 21,2017368

Is anybody confused what’s MegaBackup? How did it come to the computer? Or how can remove it from the PC? Firstly, please don’t worry that it is not a dangerous subject that could harm your machine, if you really don’t like it, you can choose to totally remove it from your PC. So what’s MegaBackup? […]

Microsoft Edge

How To Change The Default Search Engine In Microsoft Edge

AdminMay 10,2017422

Microsoft Edge now has been the default web browser in Windows system instead of the Internet Explorer, and the search engine by default is Bing, however, many people still have many problems of using the new browser on computer, including how to change the default search engine to others, and today, let’s just discuss about […]


Two Tricks to Combine Multiple Files into One PDF

GaryOct 20,2016711

PDF is a widely-used file format. And there are many occasions on which we need to convert, edit, or combine PDFs to meet our working or communicating needs. If you are running Windows 10 and you want to create a PDF from multiple images, Windows 10 provides a built-in Microsoft Print to PDF feature to […]