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Windows 10: How to Uninstall Display Languages

GaryJan 25,20171008

In Windows you can install additional display language to view menus, dialog boxes as well as other user interfaces in preferred language. Surely you can easily remove a display language through Control Panel or Settings app, but that does not mean it is uninstalled from Windows 10. Though the language you click to delete has […]


How to Restart Windows without Force Updates

GaryDec 09,2016473

Many Windows users are annoyed by the force updates when trying to restart their PCs, and they are looking for a way to restart Windows immediately without forcibly installing the updates. Well. There are some tricks that help you stop available updates from automatic installing every time you restart (or turn off) your computer. Option […]


Customize AutoPlay Feature through Settings App

GaryNov 04,2016366

When you insert a removable, non-storage device into the computer, your Windows system will detect the connection and then launch the AutoPlay window. You are offered to choose different actions for different kinds of media (photos, music, video, etc). For instance, once you plug in a DVD movie, you can click to launch the default […]


How to Customize Lock Screen Timeout

GaryOct 12,2016722

The lock screen will appear when Windows boots up and when your screen leave idle for a while, which displays a background picture and your locate time and date. By default, your computer monitor will switched off after the lock screen displays for one minute. Some users may think the lock screen times out too […]


Shut down Windows PC without Installing Updates

GarySep 27,2016786

“Is there a way to shut down Windows 10 without installing updates?” That’s the question that occurs frequently in many Windows-related forums and websites. By default, Windows 10 will automatically download and install important and critical updates. The constant string of updates may be frustrating for many users, not only because they take up your […]


Windows 10: How to Uninstall/Reinstall Mail App

GarySep 20,2016959

The Mail app in Windows 10 has been improved in many details to meed users’ demands. Yet, users may also experience issues when trying to use this app. Have tried many solutions to fix the problem you encountered but still end up with failure? Have no clue how to troubleshoot the error triggered by Mail […]


How to Modify Wallpaper Themes on Windows 10

GarySep 11,2016716

Windows 10 has been released for more than one year, and its users are increasing steadily. One of its attractions is the available options to customize and tweak system settings. Get tired of the same theme on your Windows? Want to change the appearance of your desktop and even share your design with friends? In […]