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Firefox 57 Coming Soon And Will Challenge Leading Browser Chrome

Admin2017.08.08 8:08129


When talk about web browser, which one you would think firstly and would like to use? Are you a user of Firefox or Google Chrome? Mozilla browser Firefox 57 which will come in November seems like very confident to attract more customer with its outstanding performance on the computer.

According to CNET, Mozilla CEO Chris Beard and his team are working hard to prepare a totally different version of Firefox in recently, which strongly believe that the new web browser will get an excellent performance and help them win back a lot of people.

“It’s going to add up to be a big bang,” Chris Beard said, “We’re going to win back a lot of people.”

Although there have been some discussions about the new Firefox 57 online, such as the logo will be changed, and formatting operations will be accelerated, but it is not so clear about what’s new with this web browser, and we still need to wait for more instructions about this “powerful” browser.

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