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How To Know Your Computer’s IP Address

Admin2018.04.16 7:07186

PC IP Address

Do you know what’s your computer’s private IP and the public IP address on the Internet? Sometimes you might need the IP for configure your computer network or the games. To get the IP Address either on your PC or the network, you can check the following guides.

How to check private IP address of your computer

  1. Click on Windows (Start) button, type Command Prompt on the search box and open it
  2. Type “ipconfig” in the Command Prompt and hit Enter, and you will be able to see your device’s private IP address next to IPv4 Address

How to check public IP address on the network

To check the public IP address, it is much easier than getting the private IP address, because there are a great deal of websites that provides the IP checking service online(you will see a lot of website when you search for check IP on Google). So, you can choose to open such a website on your PC, and it will show your IP address and even the geographical position in details.

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