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Millions Of Instagram Accounts Being Hacked Recently And Their Email Addresses And Phone Numbers Are Now For Sale

Admin2017.09.04 8:08168


Recently, a group of hackers who called themselves ‘Doxagram’ claimed that they had hacked nearly six million Instagram’s accounts, and the accounts’ emails and phone numbers being sold online.

On Monday, Selena Gomez’s Instagram account was hacked and many of its personal photos were exposed shortly, which was regarded as the first instance of the attack. It is said that this hack in Instagram is using a bug in the app’s API, and ‘Doxagram’ said they got six million accounts’ details while there are more than 700 million active Instagram accounts. And the emails and phone numbers of these hacked accounts are being sold on their website.

Hackers created a special searchable database for these stolen contact information, and allow users to search and get these info via paying $10 per search. At the very beginning, Instagram’ just confirmed that only holders of verified accounts were hacked in this attack, but quickly, it said today that the victims also included the non-verified users. And the hacked accounts’ information offered in this site just range from high-profile accounts such as official POTUS account and Taylor Swift to average users

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