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Skype Gets New ‘Interviews’ Feature With Code Editor Embedded

Gary2017.08.30 7:07184

Skype Interviews feature

Generally, popular Skype app is the first choice and very common way for people to communicate with their families and friends, in addition, it is also a widely-used tool in the enterprises. And now, the company introduces a new feature to facilitate the technical interviews online, and enable the interviewee to edit code directly in Skype calling platform.

Remote technical interview is often an issue for the companies, and a much more intuitive way is required to test the candidates. There are already many ways and solutions for conducting remote technical interviews on the market, as one of the most common used communication tool, Skype also want to be more competitive in this market, and the new feature from Skype at this time would allow candidates to edit code directly, seven programming languages are available in its code editor: C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and Python.

With this code edit feature in the interview, candidates also can run their code and check results directly, the eal-time inline syntax highlighting feature inside would help them check the mistakes instantly, moreover, Interviewers can get a free switch between languages .

So how to use the new interviews feature in Skype? This new function is currently only available on the Skype Interviews website, and requires Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browser (version 32 and above), set to English. To access this new feature, you should:

  1. Visit he Skype Interviews website:
  2. Click on “Start Interview” to begin, and a unique link will be created for you Skype Interviews
  3. Share the link with the interviewee, and click it and sign into Skype, you will be able to start the interview.


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