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All Ads Removed from Alex Jones’ YouTube Channel

AdminMar 05,2018380

Improper content that violates the YouTube’s use terms are always firmly rejected by YouTube, and it confirms that advertisers had asked to be removed their ads from Alex Jones’ YouTube channels, but has no plans to delete the channel, Alex Jones, the far-right commentator and best known for hosting the video show InfoWars, tweeted on […]


Google Increase to Over 10,000 Staff to Tackle Extremist Content on YouTube

AdminDec 06,2017418

Google is always taking steps to counter extremism this year, and now it continues to claim that it will increase to over 10,000 staff in 2018 to root out extremist content on YouTube. In a recently report to Britain’s Daily Telegraph, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said “We will continue the growth of our teams, with […]