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WhatsApp will Start Charging Business Users

Admin2018.08.02 7:07444


Facebook Inc’s WhatsApp messenger service will start to charge businesses for communicating with their customers and sending marketing message.

WhatsApp‘s new charge policy will get revenue stream for the Facebook, and the company plans to set the price of a message from 0.5 cents to 9 cents (0.3p to 7p), the specific price will depend on the users’ locations or countries, and some encrypted messages will cost more than the basic SMS-based messages.

In January this year, WhatsApp just announced to provide communication service for small business accounts via the WhatsApp Business application, and Matt Idema (Chief operating officer) said that the app intends to charge on some day in the future.

WhatsApp now is facing a rise cost for improving the privacy protection, and it will be a good way for the company to generate revenue.

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